。。Top Tourist Destinations among Foreigns Visitors & Japanese. At a time hosted 4 Countries Guests at Hakkei 。。

Onsen is the top activity and unique culture in Japan. In above picture we have guests from China.

If you are keen on Japanese culture, or looking for a place to relax  & tasty food while travelling, Hakkei Hot Sping Resort is the place you definately visit in Japan. Above smiles, from our Korean guests.  Also ordered Hakkei`s delicious dinner meal.


Chan san is from Hong Kong. Stayed at Hakkei 2nd time, with family, aunt & uncle. Want to meet Okami san, & shared best wishes. Remember all the moments visited last year in September. Chan san take care, Hakkei welcome you again.

Guests from Hong Kong enjoyed staying at Hakkei. Smiles from dinner table.

Japan is reputable for its relaxing onsens, or hot spring baths. Both locals and foreigners look forward to a therapeutic soak in the onsen. There are more than 3,000 hot spring resorts in the country where you can enjoy yourself for the day.

However, if you would like to enjoy the onsen at a more leisurely pace, why not stay overnight at (Big bath & open-air bath) Hakkei Ryokan, a traditional Japanese-style inn for a memorable holiday. Open-air onsen ryokans with delicious dinner and breakfast meals.

This is my 1st experience to host 4 different countries guest in a day. I feel honour and happly to entertain them in English & Japanese.

Hope you all enjoyed and this trip collected lots of memories for you all.

Will write more about inside Japan, kindly follow us.