Famous Dishes to eat in Japan 。。

Lets share the food in Japan & Japanese Cuisine we serve at Hakkei Restaurant. Many of you already know, Japan has a wonderful an unique Japanese Cuisine but mostly when we think about Japanese food automatically comes to our minds rice & fish. This blog will help you to have a different view about the food, culture in Japan, and also will help you to know what to order at Hakkei also at the moment you sit at any restaurant. In above pictures start from left picture, its Vegetable Tempura, Beef Steak & Beef with Vegetables.

Tempura is a Japanese fried snack made mostly from seafood and vegetables but we can find tempura made also from fowl and fish, seasoned with a sauce made with soy sauce, ginger and sugar previously. As vegetables, it can be made by almost every vegetables. The size of the piece has to be able to be eaten in one bite and even when it is fried, it is carefully looked after not to be oily. Tempura is served with Tetsuyu sauce that it is a mix of consomme, sweet sake, soy sauce, ginger, radish and spices.

Another is (焚き合わせ野菜)you can say Boiled Vegetables in the pot.
Vegetable includes Pumpkin, Egg plant, Lotus, Bamboo shoots, carrots and some people also includes mushrooms.
There is way to make this dish, as all vegetables put in pan to boil at certain level.

In above picture we have grilled dishes. (Yaki Matsutake) Mushrooms and (Kawa Zakana) River Fish.

Grilled fish is an indispensable dish in Japanese cuisine, where fish is eaten more often than meat. Grilled fish, as the name says it, is a simple dish made by grilling fish, so it can be served anytime and is often present as a daily dish or in diners. As the types of fish that are caught vary with the season, grilled fish can be eaten all year around. There are many ways of eating grilled fish, from simple ways that imply salting the fish and grilling it, to more complex ways that imply soaking the fish in (miso)  beforehand and grilling the seasoned fish.

If you want to taste River Fish so make a trip to Hakkei, you will taste river fish in different seasons. Popularly we serve (鮎、アマゴ魚).

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