。。Why do not you `Join us at Natural Hot Spring Inn with full of Human Nature & Famous Japanese Cuisine at Hakkei` ? 。。

Let everyone have a full stomach and happy to meet in this Spring. Family having Japanese Cuisine at Hakkei. Also a young boy in above picture played Piano at Hakkei`s Lobby and refresh everyone early morning.

Clean environment, delicious cuisine, a warm atmosphere. We feel very happy to serve our guests who visit again and again. Shows their love towards Hakkei, Japanese Cuisine and Hot Spring bath that energize them & complete their holiday.

Customers coming from all over the country, we offer hospitality like dropping in at a rural acquaintance house, 
seasonal vegetable rich cuisine, hot water surrounded by nature.
Why do not you join us in a hot-spring inn with a full of human nature surrounded by nature ? 

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