Welcome to HAKKEI.

We're a hot spring hotel where you can also enjoy hospitality of the onsen ryokan (Japanese-style hot spring hotel).

Our hotel is blessed by a natural environment at a location.

We're proud of the beautiful scenery of each season and the excellent hot spring quality.

Japanese wooden clogs

Please take off your shoes within the hotel area.
When moving between facilities in the hotel, please use slippers.
When going out to the garden or the carpark in the hotel, please use “Geta”(Japanese wooden clogs).

Japanese tea and snacks to go with tea

We'll serve you with Japanese green tea as a welcome drink upon your arrival.
Please also enjoy delicious Japanese confectionery together.

Tatami room

A tatami is a mat used to cover the floor in a Japanese room.
It’s made of bundled straw and covered with tightly woven rushes called igusa.
Japanese sit down and lie directly on the tatami taking off their shoes here.


You will find a yukata in the guest room.
Yukata is a kimono-style sleepwear.
You can also wear this to the public bath or to the public eating area.


At night, you sleep in futon on the tatami floor except certain guest rooms.
The staff will spread out the futon on the tatami floor while you’re having dinner at the restaurant.

Internet access

Wireless internet is available in the hotel.
Wired internet is available in certain guest rooms.
Internet access is free of charge.

Toilet with shower

The Japanese have been using toilets with shower for over 30 years.
These toilets allow you to wash yourself with water of a comfortable temperature, and to dry yourself with breezy air.
These toilets are also equipped with heated seats and bidet.


A hearth outside of the entrance is a traditional Japanese utensil which you rarely get the chance to see today. We use firewood to fire it up.
We make boiled eggs in the hearth and give it to our guests at checkout.

Table tennis

There is a small table-tennis table in a corner of the lobby.
Many Japanese people enjoy table tennis in Onsen inns.
You can borrow rackets and a ball at the front desk without an additional fee.

Automatic vending machine

A machine that gives out drinks you desired when coins or notes are inserted.

Massage chair

Massage chair is a massage machine created by Japanese modern technology. While you are sitting comfortably on the chair, it massages throughout your body. You can select a wide variety of massage options with its controller. One chair is in the lobby and some guest rooms also have one.


A gas fireplace is equipped in the lobby lounge.
It is used between November and April.
The best seats in the lobby are near this fireplace on cold winter day.


A typical Japanese heating system is Kotatsu.
It is a low, wooden table frame with a heat source inside covered by a futon. We put our legs inside the futon to warm them up. Our kotasu uses an electric heat source.
Kotasu is available to use in some guest rooms in winter season from mid of November to mid of April.

Mochi pounding event

This is a Hakkei’s event usually held in the new year (January 1-3).
Our guests are welcome to join in.
Sometime we organize this event during Bon summer holiday (August 12-13) or Golden Week (May 3-4).

Yutanpo(Hot-water bottle)

Yutanpo is a traditional Japanese hot water bottle.
Bigger bottle can keep its warmth longer and it’s ideal to put it in futon bedding. Smaller one is light and handy to put on your lap.

Facilities for kids

Children picture book shelf, wooden bricks and board games are available to use in the lobby. Small table and chairs and a rocking horse were used to belong to children of landlady. Warabe-no-Yu bath in the rooftop Public Open-Air Onsen is the priority bath for children (adult guests are allowed to use as well).


A globally well-known and played by many famous pianists, Steinway’s piano is placed in the lobby lounge.
Our Steinway’s piano is made by hand of an experienced craftsperson with quality wooden materials and over 12,000 pieces of parts. We have concerts here at the music events held several times a year.

Yuamigi (special bathing suit)

Suna-yu is Mixed bathing Open-Air Onsen located outside of Hakkei and some female guests may hesitate to enter the place. Landladies of Yubara Onsen created a special bathing suit, Hanzaki-chan yuamigi together with ladies underwear company Wacoal for those who wish to have a bath in the Mixed bathing Open-Air Onsen. This bath suit is not transparent with water. It does not stick to your body and highlight your body shape.
Usually its rental fee is 500 yen. However foreign guests can use it for free. Please feel free to ask at the front desk.



Enjoy the hot water from the 100% fresh hot spring.

A private open-air onsen in which we can integrate ourselves with the nature.

Modern guest rooms aligned with various types.

A splendid location facing Suna-yu

Basic Information

In/Out 15:00~/11:00
Style of accommodation Japanese room & Japanese-Western room
Toilets Western style & Toilet with shower
Meals available Evening meal & breakfast
Number of rooms 32 rooms
Number of bath 6 places
Capacity 120 people
Smoking/Non-smoking Non-smoking
English speaking ability Yes

Okayama Prefecture Tsuyama of climate
( Temperature and precipitation )

Tsuyama annual average temperature : 13.7 ℃
annual precipitation : 1415.8 mm
statistics period : 1981-2010

Private Onsen

The Japanese have loved hot spring bathing for a long time.
As there are many volcanoes in Japan, there are many hot springs.
Hot spring bathing makes your body relax and heals your heart.


People take off all their clothes entering a Japanese hot spring.
Our ryokan is equipped with gender-segregated public indoor bath and open air hot spring bath.
When going to a public bath, please take a bath towel and a small towel for washing your body from the guest room.
Please take off all your clothes and enter the public bath only with a small towel.
First wash your body with soap and then rinse thoroughly before entering the bathtub.
Please do not soak your towel in the bathtub.
Dry yourself with a towel before going back to the dressing room.

There is also an open air bath in front of the public bath with a washing place.
You can enjoy the landscape and feel the wind while taking a bath.


You can consider the private open air bath if you are reluctant to enter the public bath.
Please do not wash your body in the bathtub.
Please do not pull out the bath plug.

空の湯 Sora-no-Yu

Our Public Open-Air Onsen is available for charter for only a group a day between 24:00 and 24:45.
100% fresh hot spring water.

Available time 24:00 to 24:45
Charge 45 minutes 2,000 yen

和みの湯 Nagomi-no-Yu

Its Japanese cypress bath tub is very popular. It is an atmospheric inner bath.
100% Pure Hot Spring Water is available from the tap.
You can have a relaxing bath with famous Yubara’s hot spring water anytime regardless of weather.

Available time 16:00 to 24:00
Charge 45 minutes 2,000 yen

えがおの湯 Egao-no-Yu

It is the Private-Onsen for disabled guests.
It is located on the third floor, to the left-hand side of the elevator.
Guest can enter the bath room by the wheeled chair and use the lift to enter the bathtub.
There is also a toilet in the room. We hope you can have a comfortable and enjoyable bath time.

Available time 16:00 to 24:00
Charge Free

わらべの湯 Warabe-no-Yu

Warabe-no-Yu bath in SORA-no-Yu is the priority bath for children.
Grown-ups can lie down in the bathtub and enjoy starry sky!
If small children are around, please give over space for them.


Rabbit sign in the entrance welcomes guests.


Free internet access is available.

Souvenir corner

We will prepare souvenirs of the local and its neighboring areas.
Alcohols such as sake and shochu can also be purchased here.


There are counter seats as well as a space with sofa for Karaoke.

We have in total 32 guest rooms, divided in 11 different types in the main building and the new building. All rooms are equiped with shower toilets.

≪Basic equipment≫
Duvet, Toilet with shower, TV, Refrigerator, Safety Deposit Box.

Yukata, Bath towel, Face towel, Toothbrush, Hair brush, Cotton, After-shave lotion

If you have chosen the meal plan,(usually) dinner will be served at your room, while breakfast will be served at the restaurant.
Please note that dinner might be served at the restaurant based on different plans.

Suspension bridge front

Connection room

2 guest rooms are connected by two doors. If you unlock and leave open both doors, you can easily come and go 2 rooms. They are ideal for family and group guests.

Accomodation arrangement 10J + Veranda + Toilet × 2rooms
Capacity Contact us
Smoking/Non-smoking Non-smoking

Suna-yu view

Suite with a Open-Air Onsen

They are our top-grade guest rooms. 3 rooms are all differently arranged. But all the rooms have a spacious bed room in Japanese-Western style room and a bath room with a bathtub and a shower booth.

Accomodation arrangement Living room + Japanese-Western style room(twin bed)+6J)+客室半露天風呂+shower booth+Toilet
Capacity 1-5 people
Smoking/Non-smoking Non-smoking

Suna-yu view

Semi-suite room

This room has a spacious Western style living room, a Japanese style room and a wide balcony. Only one room is available. Bath room is also equipped. The room has a view of Mixed bathing Open-Air Onsen, Suna-yu which is appreciated as “Nishi no Yokozuna (Champion in the west)” in the Public Open-Air Onsen ranking.

Accomodation arrangement Western style room+8J+4.5J+bath+toilet
Capacity 1-5 people
Smoking/Non-smoking Non-smoking

Suna-yu view

Japanese-style room with a open-air Onsen

3 rooms are available for Guest room with Open-Air Onsen. Each room has a 16.5 square meter Japanese style room and a wide balcony. Its Open-Air Onsen is equipped with a ceramic bathtub and you can enjoy a splendid view of Asahigawa River.
There is no shower booth in the room. So please use our Public Onsen to wash your body.

Accomodation arrangement 10J + Veranda + Open Air Bath+Toilet
Capacity 1-5 people
Smoking/Non-smoking Non-smoking

Suspension bridge front

Sofa living room

Standard Japanese style guest rooms were renovated according to our landlady’s idea.
Quality sofa and chairs are equipped.

Accomodation arrangement 10J + Veranda + bath + toilet
Capacity 1-5 people
Smoking/Non-smoking Non-smoking

Suspension bridge front

Room with a kitchenette

A kitchenette (simple cooking area) is equipped in this room for a long stay. Please enjoy your stay as if you are at your home.

Accomodation arrangement 10J + Veranda + bath + toilet
Capacity 1-5 people
Smoking/Non-smoking Non-smoking

Suna-yu view

Twin Japanese-style room

No smoking twin room has Simmons twin beds in spacious Japanese style room. We would like our guests to refresh and relax themselves in this room.
There are no gaps on the floor between bed room and bath and toilet for your comfortable stay.
Smoking twin room is a standard twin room.
If you wish to stay with more than 2 people, maximum 4 persons are accommodated in this room by utilizing twin beds and 2 futons on tatami floored space.

Accomodation arrangement 10J + Western (twin bed) + Toilet
Capacity 1-4 people
Smoking/Non-smoking Non-smoking

Suna-yu view

Double room

This guest room is a Japanese style room with a double bed.
It is ideal for a couple and a family with small child.

Accomodation arrangement Japanese-style room+Western (double bed)+Toilet
Capacity 1-2 people
Smoking/Non-smoking Non-smoking

Suna-yu front

Japanese-style room

This room is a standard Japanese style guest room with bath room. 2 sizes, 16.5 square meters and about 20 square meters rooms are available. Its neat atmosphere is very much appreciated by guests. It also has a wide balcony with a view of Asahigawa River.

Accomodation arrangement 10J + Veranda + bath + toilet
Capacity 1-5 people
Smoking/Non-smoking Non-smoking

Suspension bridge front/Suna-yu view

Japanese-style room

13 to 20 square meters Japanese style guest room (smoking) with a wide balcony is our basic guest room. We offer this room in our best rate.
These rooms have a view of suspension bridge or a view of suna-yu. Please note that you cannot choose your room by view.

Accomodation arrangement 8~12J + Veranda + toilet
Capacity 1-5 people
Smoking/Non-smoking Non-smoking

Mount view

Large guest room

Maximum 10 people can be accommodated in this room.
Only this room is facing the mountain and has no view of Asahigawa River. But the room charge is very reasonable.

Accomodation arrangement Japanese-style room 20J (10J×2rooms・facing the mountain)
Capacity 4-10 people
Smoking/Non-smoking Non-smoking


As a general rule, dinner and breakfast are included.
We'll serve a meal at the restaurant or your guest room.
It's a Japanese course menu with cuisine made by carefully selected local ingredients.

Hakkei serves Yamasato Cuisine cooked mainly with vegetables and its menu is changed every month. About 50 different kinds of vegetables are used for our dinner and breakfast. We are in the middle of mountains and we would like to serve meals suited to the environment to our guests. Thus we use lavishly fresh and local vegetables for our meals.
If you have any food you dislike or any food allergy, please feel free to let us know.
In order for our guests to fully enjoy our meals and stay, we are always happy to hear from you about our meals.


"Shun" is the time of the year when a certain food is the freshest and tastiest

One evening's dinner.
Our hotel uses fresh ingredients incorporating the seasonal taste.


You can choose breakfast from Japanese breakfast and Western breakfast.
Please select your favorite one.
If you are a couple, one person can choose Japanese and the other can choose Western breakfast to share.

Your meals basically are served in our dining room, Hanaguruma. Depending on your accommodation plan, your meals may be served in your room.
There are impressive big hearths in the dining room, Hanaguruma. It has an open kitchen where you can see how our chefs are cooking.
Smoking is not allowed in the dining room in order for our guests also to enjoy aroma of dishes.

Additional Meal


Hakkei’s meals are cooked mainly with vegetables. However, if you wish to have more meat, you can order for an additional portion of meat.

Wild vegetables tempura

Wild vegetables tempura is served only in spring time.
This dish brings a feeling of the season in Japan.
Please check it in advance if this seasonal dish is served.

An introduction of the neighborhood.


Mixed bathing Open-Air Onsen in front of Hakkei is Suna-yu.
This place is the landmark of Yubara Onsen. Not only guests in the hotels but also day visitors from far away enjoy the bath.
Since the place is a mixed bathing Onsen, you may hesitate to enter. But have a try.
This Onsen is available free of charge for 24 hours and this is very unusual in Japan as well. However, we don’t recommend our guest to have a bath there late at night.

Yubara Dam

Yubara Dam was built in upper stream of Asahigawa River in Maniwa city, Okayama. The view of discharging water from the dam is very impressive.
The dam is 100 meter deep and it is said 2,700,000 workers participated in the construction project.

Hanzaki (Japanese giant salamander) Center

Japanese giant salamander is the biggest amphibian in Japan and registered as a special natural treasure. It is a very strong creature and it can still survive even if its body is split in two. Because of this, we call it “Hanzaki (split in two)” in this region.
This place preserves and observes this creature and also displays the specimen bottles and documents. You can see live Hanzaki and some of them are 120cm long.
Hanzaki Daimyojin Shirine is enshrined next to the premises and it is symbolizing this facility.
This shrine will play a role as festival float in Hanzaki Festival held in August 8 every year and stroll in the Onsen district.

Address 1530,Toyosaka,Maniwa-city,Okayama prefecture
TEL +91-867-62-2011
Time 9:00-17:00
Holiday From the end of the year to the beginning of the year.
Parking OK(Free)
Charge Free

Suspension bridge

A suspension bridge is situated in front of Hakkei.
You can go to Suna-yu via this bridge.
(Currently cars are not allowed to pass through the bridge.)

Mahora Farm
strawberry picking

sword, owned by Bizen Osafune touken Museum

visit west japan




Google Map Indoor view

Virtually Tour of HAKKEI

 From Tokyo area

Total estimate: about160min

  From Osaka area

Total estimate: about200min

Total estimate: about 4h【Kurayoshi~Kobe・Osaka line】

From Hiroshima

Total estimate: about 3h30min【Hiroshima‐Kurayoshi・Tottori line】

From Okayama

Total estimate: about 2h20min

Introduction of our pick-up service

〇BUS Stop
【Yubara-Onsen】【Anagamo】【Yubara-onsen Entrance】
★Reservation until the previous day is needed.

Accommodation facilities & more details

Internet access Yes
Internet connection charges No
Pets Allowed No
Onsen hot springs on accommodation Yes


Service & tax
Service charge included
Consumption tax included
SPA tax(150yen) NOT included
※ New Year, Obon ,seasonal periods such as the GW may be subjected to a different price.
Most common charge style Room with breakfast included (per person)
Room with evening meal and breakfast included (per person)
Child A : Kids couse Dinner and Breakfast with futon and amenity 70% of Adult couse.
B : Kids plate Dinner and Breakfast with Futon and amenity . 50% of Adult couse.
C : age over 2~6 include with amenity, rice and dessert is 1620 yen
D : age0~2 free
E : Baby meal is available.
Payment Cash,Credit Card
Use international cash cards and credit cards to withdraw Japanese yen!
Seven-Eleven (SEVEN ATMs)

Address : 583−4,Inatsu Maniwa, Okayama prefecture 717-0413 Japan
Cancellation ※Cancellation fee
2 day prior: 30% of the room rate
1 day prior: 50% of the room rate
Accomodation day: 100%


Name of accommodation HAKKEI
Address 1572,Toyosaka,Maniwa-city,Okayama prefecture